All About E Cigs Across UK

There are many people in trouble today due to cigarette and cigar smoking. These products contain tobacco whose smoke has very harmful chemicals and carcinogens and the nicotine contained in the tobacco is very addictive. Thus problems could be financial due to cost of cigarettes, personal health and addiction. The new electronic device known as the e cig is now providing a solution to all these problems. It is possible for smokers to switch to e cigs in order to reduce the heavy toll smoking has on their lives. More and more people are now taking up the use of the e cigarette UK which is a modern day electronic gadget.


The electronic e-cig works in a very simple but effective way. The main aim is that it is designed to imitate a real cigar or cigarette and also provide similar sensation as smoking but devoid of the harmful cigarette smoke and the addictive effects of smoking. These e cigarettes look nice and sleek and resemble a real cigarette. However, on the inside, it contains different chambers that perform different functions. There is a chamber that houses a powerful battery while another chamber burns the liquid inserted. This liquid, upon burning, emits a vapor which is smoked and is very harmless.

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E-cigs offer smoking pleasure

As he reached into his pocket for a pack of cigarettes, out came an electronic cigarette instead of a usual pack of tobacco smokes. “I’m really into electronic smokes over the more conventional cigarette because it has the same amount of nicotine as my old brand,” explained one smoker. In addition, the smoker said he […]