E-cigs offer smoking pleasure

As he reached into his pocket for a pack of cigarettes, out came an electronic cigarette instead of a usual pack of tobacco smokes.


“I’m really into electronic smokes over the more conventional cigarette because it has the same amount of nicotine as my old brand,” explained one smoker.

In addition, the smoker said he enjoys his new e cigs and eliquid as “a new form of smoking experience” because there are no harmful vapors coming from the tobacco he used to smoke.

“Instead of toxins that can hurt my health, my new electronic inhaler simply vaporizes a liquid into this cool aerosol mist that reminds me of smoke from my old cigarette,” the smoker added.

New cigs save money

Advocates of electronic smokes say it offers real cost savings.

“I just got this e-cigs personal vaporizer kit online for about $10; while I usually spend that much on two packs of smokes,” explained a smoker.

Thus, he also claimed savings because his vaporizer kit will last longer than two packs of his favorite brand. He found this to be true after comparing the cost of a typical electronic cig kit with former cigarette brand.

A smoking revolution

The benefits of electronic personal vaporizer smoking are numerous when comparing it to traditional tobacco use, say fans of this new revolution in how people smoke.

For instance, when one compares electronic to conventional tobacco smoking there is now a popular view that electronic smoking is best when trying to cut down on the total number of cigs smoked.

However, one long-time smoker said he switched “because I wanted the pleasure of smoking without quitting my tobacco habit all together. I still get that nicotine release in my e-cigs, but there’s no harmful vapors coming out of the tobacco as was the case with my old cigarette brand.”

At the same time, the smoker said he also wanted to reduce his dosage of nicotine and was able to do that with his e-smokes.

“I now can choose the dose nicotine that is released from my e-cig personal vaporizer as compared to smoking my regular brand that offered no way to control the nicotine I was getting with a traditional smoke,” he said.

E-cigarettes handy to use

The typical e-cigarette sold online or at one’s favorite store looks a lot like a traditional cigarette, but it’s not made from tobacco rolled in a smoking paper.

Instead, an e-cig is simply a plastic looking version of a traditional cigarette.

“I was asked to put my cigarette out in an airport, but when I showed the cop it was an e-cig he just laughed and said to go ahead and enjoy it. I later learned that this same cop also smoked e-cigs and we had a good laugh about it,” explained a smoker.

At the same time, the smoker said he mostly likes his new electronic cigs kit because “it’s so handy to use.”

Health benefits of e-cigs

While there are numerous benefits of switching to e-cigs from traditional tobacco cigarettes, fans of this new smoking system will tell you first and foremost that they jumped on the e-cig bandwagon for health reasons.

“I’ve read studies that state how anything a smoker does to get off the tobacco is best. That’s why I made the switch to e-cigs because of those harmful toxins in tobacco vapors that can cause cancer,” said the smoker who now is a fan of electronic cigs for those who enjoy the sensation of smoking.

At the same time, there is clear evidence that traditional tobacco cigarettes can cause a wide assortment of health problems.

Overall, there are numerous benefits when smokers switch to electronic smokes as a lifestyle change.